Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh, wow, I have a blog?

Apparently I've forgotten I have a blog or how to use a computer at all! I'm so sorry! And I don't even have fresh pictures to show to go along with my apology! My parents spent a few weeks with us, and then all of us (minus Ed) headed to Fort Wayne last week to spend a little time with my brother and to go camping with Aunt Mary (hi Mary!). My mom is the one who took pictures, and I won't have those until tomorrow at the earliest, so I'll have to get back on and post as soon as I can.

As an update, I am feeling so-so. I seem to have contracted a lovely cold which has zapped my energy levels and made my head swim. My stomach is feeling fine, though! The boys are doing well - they went for their Well-Baby checkups today and all is good. They are both in the 10th percentile for weight, Samuel is in the 10th percentile for height, Joel has fallen below the 5th percentile. BUT, he's still going strong in the 75th percentile for head circumference! :)

Also, Samuel may prove to be a bit of a prophet. We were having a discussion on the way home from Fort Wayne about brothers and sisters. [Disclaimer: I'm not pregnant. I'm not allowed to be pregnant for a long while because of my health/surgeries. But we still hope God has more children for us some day.] He was saying he wanted a baby brother named Isaac (not new) and a baby sister named Emma (totally new - he came up with the name on his own). THEN, he said, out of the blue, "Emma's black." I have no idea where he came up with this and I'm pretty sure he just meant the color and not the actual race because I don't think we've ever talked about races. Then last night he and I were talking about breastfeeding (who doesn't talk about this with their 3 year old?) and he said that he ate boo-boos (his way of talking about bfeeding), Joel ate boo-boos, and baby Isaac would eat boo-boos. When I asked him if baby Emma would, he said "She will eat bottles, I think." Again, totally on his own and totally weird! Maybe God has a plan for us? We shall see.


Eliška a Vláďa said...

Wow, that sounds like adoption to me, where did he get that? Are you actually considering it? That's funny what children come up with:-)
Hope you're doing better healthwise, praying for you.

tenjuices said...

samuel also insists that he has 11 toes (he has 10).

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah,
Sorry about your cold. Jack has a nasty one also. Samuel....where oh where does he get this stuff. It was sooooo good to see all of you! The head thing with Joel, well more area for mosquito bites. Love, Aunt Mary

Meg said...

Aww, I hope he is prophetic :) That would be awesome! We hope to adopt a baby sometime, too! Just not sure of God's timing yet :)

Justin & Gi said...

So how are you????
I have been meaning to email to ask if there is anything we can pray about??