Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Ladies' Retreat

I had such a great time at the Ladies' Retreat with my church family this past weekend. We headed about an hour north of here to a resort on Lake Michigan. The speaker was really good and we had a lot of free time during the weekend to hang out with each other. That was great for me because it is a new group of women and I don't know a lot of them. Here is my friend Erica that I roomed with:

She is really cool and I'm so thankful God has introduced us. She has three small children, a heart for the Lord, a great personality, and a commitment to homeschool. We have really hit it off. She's also a photographer and makes up do silly things like this:

I did dip my toes in the lake while we were walking the beach. It was FREEZING!

I really did have such a great time. I have to be honest, too, and say that it was nice to have a little time away from the family to relax and spend time with friends. As you know from my post yesterday, I quickly had to get back into the swing of things. But such is life, right? :)

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