Monday, August 24, 2009

Samuel is 3!!

Our little guy turned THREE on Saturday. I can't believe it!! It seems like just yesterday we were looking at this sweet face:

And it wasn't too long ago that he was just 1:

And then 2 flew by:

And here we are:

Such a big boy!! At three, Samuel can talk your ear off, snuggle you till your heart melts, make you laugh your head off, and (sometimes) make you want to scream!! :)

We had a Dinosaur themed party per the Birthday Boy's request. We had a few friends over for lunch, cake and ice cream. I set out some toys and games for the kids to play, but we didn't do any organized games. I think everyone had a good time and Samuel seemed to think it was a hit. He received a lot of really nice toys that he and Joel have played with endlessly (as well as the boxes they came in!). Here are a few pics from the party:


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday big guy! Love from the Hostetlers

Melissa Pearce said...

You're such a great mom, Leah. You can tell how much you love your boys (all 3) and you really try to enjoy them. And you're still recovering from major surgery and throwing a birthday party.

The Hangs said...

I still have pics to upload... ahhh... soon!! :) We had a blast too!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Samuel! Looks like you had a great party and lots of fun. I hope your Mom isn't over doing it but I'm sure Grammy is a lot of help.

Aunt Peggy

Josh and Donna said...

happy birthday samuel!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like a great party!

Krista said...

Happy Birthday Samuel! It's so hard to believe you (and Lydia) are three now - I remember the day you were born just like it was yesterday. Leah, you are absolutely amazing throwing a party after having major surgery - wow! It looks like a wonderful day filled with tons of fun.