Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Poor, Dirty Joel

Joel has had a rough go at things lately. He is breaking through all four molars at a painfully slow rate. The bottom one has some sort of disgusting looking absess on it that can't be pleasant at all. Then he fell not once, not twice, but three times this past weekend. First, he toppled over at the farm and gave himself a nice shiner. Then he took a header into the driveway and scraped a big bunch of skin off of his forehead. And finally he hit his mouth on the stroller at the mall yesterday and made his gums bleed. Poor, poor Joel.
To cheer him up, I let him and Samuel play in the dirt bed that was supposed to be my garden (oops, forgot to plant anything). Joel's eyebrows collect all the dirt and make him look like he has to big, bushy black eyebrows. It is a hilarious contrast with the white blonde hair.

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Margaret said...

Jonathan just cut all four molars too and it seemed like teething would never end! I can sympathize with you and poor Joel. Hope you feel better soon too. Praying for you.