Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I now love Jewel-Osco

Oh what a shopping day! Jewel-Osco (and other Albertson's family chains) is running an AMAZING sale. If you buy $30 worth of various items, you earn $15 back on your next order. But the sales they have going on get the items down to a ridiculously low price. So far I have done 8 transactions! We are addicted!! The sale runs through Saturday, so I'm hoping to go back a few more times to stock up on items. Here is what I bought today:

Here's a quick look at my transactions:
1. Spent $23.54, earned $15
(spent the $15 on my weekly groceries)
2. Spent $15.34, earned $15
3. Spent my $15 coupon plus another $0.34, earned $15
4. Spent my $15 coupon plus another $1.26, earned $15
5. Spent my $15 coupon plus another $0.85, earned $15
6. Spent my $15 coupon plus another $1.55, earned $15
7. Spent my $15 coupon plus another $1.74, earned $15
8. Spent my $15 coupon plus another $2.45, earned $15
I spent a total of $47.07, but received $30 back to spend on my next order at Jewel. I used $15 already to buy our weekly groceries, but I still have $15 to use tomorrow when I go back. I just keep rolling the $15 over and over and end up paying very little out of pocket. Don't be surprised if you receive some All detergent or Green Giant frozen veggies for Christmas!


Carol said...

Ah, her daddy is so proud!!

aje said...

Oh, what I'd do to have one of those Klondike bars right now!!! :)

Christina said...

SO JEALOUS!! I read about that deal and wished we had one of those....awesome deals!! You can give me detergent and frozen peas for Christmas. I'd LOVE it. :)

Angie Morris said...

You know, I think there are support groups that can help you with your addiction. Some people's drug of choice is crack, Leah's is getting a deal! ;)

Renata said...

I'll take the ice cream :-)

Melissa Pearce said...

i love how you displayed everything. Were you a stock clerk in a former life?

A + J said...

Tag...you're it! See my blog for details.


Ruth Palmer said...

this is unrelated to jewel-osco...i wondered how the potty training is going? Still working on it? Today was day 3 with Camden....he's a little tougher than the girls, but we're getting there!