Sunday, November 09, 2008

The McLallin Girls

I drove back to Fort Wayne this weekend for a little family fun. All of the McLallin girls got together on Satuday for lunch at The Kimmell House Inn and then Birthday 2008 at my aunt's house.

To be honest, only one of us actually has McLallin as a last name, but we are all definitely McLallin girls. My Grandma Genny has four daughters (my mom being the oldest) and three of her daughters have their own daughters. My cousin Angie has even further sweetened the deal by having a daughter of her own. We also have a dear friend whom we've thrown in the mix. Our lunch group was lovely, loud, and full of laughs. I had such a great time with everyone and I'm so glad I made the drive to be with them.

FYI - the Birthday 2008 deal is that instead of giving gifts on the person's actual birthday (because why would you do that?) everyone exchanges gifts all at once one time a year. This is the first year I've bought gifts for everyone. My aunts have always been so sweet to buy for me. I have been feeling rather grown up lately (I mean, you have to be old to get excited about grocery shopping!) so I joined in on the gift giving. I had so much fun buying presents for everyone - and I did it thriftily. I cruised the aisles of Bed, Bath & Beyond for a unique gift for each person. I was able to use 9 20% off coupons, a $10 off and a $5 off coupon, bringing my total down to $31 for 9 presents! I was excited to be able to give the gifts and Ed was excited that I didn't break the bank doing it.

Cousins: Me, Kari, Angie

Sisters: Karen, Kay, Peg, Carol (my mom)

My friend Mary with Joel:

My Grandma Genny with Joel:


Anonymous said...

A perfect day! I am drinking my morning coffee out of my gift from you. I am blessed to be a part of the "McLallin Girls". Love Mary

Bristol Grandma said...

Everytime I see your blog I am reminded that I know your grandma Jenny. She is such a pretty lady and I have never seen her with a bad hair day. I also know your friend Mary (I graduated one year ahead of her at Wolf Lake) and some of the McLallin daughters look familiar. Sounds like a great day out at the Kimmel Inn.
Carol (Aaron's mom)