Friday, October 31, 2008

Potty Party

If you read my mommy blog, then you already know that I am potty training Samuel this week. If not, well, hey - I'm potty training Samuel this week!

The plan was to "potty train" Samuel's stuffed bear on Wednesday morning, and then potty train Samuel in the afternoon. Wednesday morning I took Samuel and his bear to Target to buy big boy undies and some treats. We spent the morning having bear sit on the potty at regular intervals. We watched potty training videos and put stickers on bear's potty chart for going on the potty and also for staying dry. Samuel was semi into it. I had bear have a few accidents in his undies (I wetted them and also put a lump of brown playdoh in there once) and we talked about having accidents. After Samuel's nap he unwrapped a present of his own set of big boy undies. They were Elmo and Thomas. We practiced all day and Samuel wet through SEVEN pairs of undies. Ugh. I thought it was a big failure.

BUT I WAS WRONG! He wore undies all day Thursday and didn't have any accidents until the evening when I was watching Joel and another baby and didn't set Samuel on the potty when I was supposed to. He also managed to stay dry ALL DAY Friday, even though we went to someone else's house for lunch and naps, and to a wedding rehearsal and dinner afterwards. I am SO proud of him!

Now, to clarify, this is potty training in the sense that I am trained too - he doesn't tell me when he has to go; I put him on the potty about every hour. But he is holding it now and then going when I set him on the potty. I am happy with that for now - at least he's not wearing diapers all day and he's learning what it means to go on the potty.

So, yippee, a little potty victory here at our house. The funny thing is I made a big deal about treats and stickers on his potty chart the first day but he could really care less about it. He acts like it's no big deal that he goes on the potty now!


Michelle said...

I really think potty training earlier is best. James was SOOOOO hard to train at 3. Of course every child is different, but I often wonder how different James' potty training would have been if I'd really jumped on it when he was so interested at 20 months. Oh and learn I guess! He's potty trained now and that's all that matters! Congrats on your potty success! I hope it keeps getting better and better! It's definitely nice to only have to change ONE little person's diapers instead of 2!!

Leah said...

I would love to hear your advice for dealing with an infant while potty training a toddler! I really want to potty train Georgia, but I didn't want to tackle it while pregnant, and now, with a 6 week old, I fear that I won't be able to even start for several months. Any thoughts?