Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Week in the Life of Samuel

Here are a few shots from the past week or so. Samuel is really becoming quite the silly boy.

Samuel loves to crawl into this little space in the TV unit:

Such a ham:

There is a GREAT play area at the Brookfield Zoo. It is indoors and has all these little themed play rooms. Here is Samuel playing in the Zookeeper area - they have little shirts for the kids to put on and buckets to bring the animals food. They also have brushes and mops for them to clean with:

Just being silly on the couch:

Samuel took the communion cups home from our church meeting last Sunday. We then got a bunch of snow and Samuel thought it was so funny to put a snowball in his communion cup and eat it:

Ed and I took Samuel to a great mall 30 minutes north of here last week. He went up and down the escalator a billion times. He liked that as much as the fun play area and Auntie Anne's pretzels we had later:

Finally, we are buried in snow here in Chicago. Ed is still so good about bundling up with Samuel and taking him out for a little outdoor time. Here are the boys bundled up and then playing out front. Samuel lasted about 5 minutes, and then had Ed carry him around the block!


Hollie said...

That picture of Samuel on the couch grinning looks just like your grin! :)
cute pics!

Krista said...

Wow Samuel is such a little ham! I love the smiles on the couch. Sounds like the zoo is lots of fun and the snow. . . I can hardly remember what that's like :) Actually, I think the last snow I saw was the day we drove home from FA in the snow and picked up the Starbuck's manager from Target on the side of the road!

Christina said...

Jacob wants to know if Samuel was taking communion?? :)

Too funny about the snow in the communion cups.

Leah said...

I still remember that day with fondness - what a hoot! And we never did get our free coffees...