Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mysteries Solved

First off, I have to share the funniest picture with you all. I asked Ed to get Samuel ready for our church meeting on Sunday and when I came into our bedroom, this is the sight I saw:

He eventually did get some clothes on:

And to prove that we are making friends here, here is a family we had over for dinner Sunday evening. The boys are 6 and 9 and Samuel had such a blast playing with them.

Okay, now for the "Mysteries Solved" portion of the post. My pregnant belly is HUGE, right? Well, after my dr.'s appt. today, I finally have an explanation. NO, they didn't find a hidden twin in there. BUT, my u/s did reveal that the baby is breech and that s/he isn't the runt that Samuel was. The weight estimate was about 4 pounds, 9 ounces, putting the baby in the 77th percentile for 32 weeks gestation. Samuel was down to the 23rd percentile at this point. Also, the baby is butt-down breech, causing my belly to look as huge as it does. I have another dr.'s appt. in two weeks for a follow-up u/s to check on the size and position of the baby. The dr. said that the baby still has time to turn, but they like the baby to be head down by 36 weeks. I told her I was willing to do whatever it took not to have a c-section. I've decided I'm not going to obsess over this until I go back to see her in two weeks. Then I'll start looking into all the things to do to turn a breech baby (Hollie, all I can picture is you in the warm bath with ice water being dumped on you!!). Overall, I am just so excited to hear that this baby is on target size-wise, which was our main concern. Oh, and the u/s tech said that this baby is definitely not revealing its sex - she couldn't tell today if it was a boy or girl (I told her not to tell me even if she saw). So no one knows which we are having - very exciting!


Ed, Jamie, Christian and our newest addition due 3/7/08 said...

Hey Leah- Glad to hear things are going well with your little one. Just wanted to let you know that we were in the same boat as you this little one was breech and we had a week or two for him/her to decide to turn as well. We had our ultrasound last week and our little bean decided to get into position, so stay positive there is still time for that little one to get ready! Also great to know that this baby is right on target with size.

Jen said...

I don't know what you're talking about. You really don't look that big to me. I talked to your mom tonight. I pray that little Payne will turn around ASAP. But no matter what happens, it will all be part of His perfect plan.

praying for you,


Nate said...

I'm with Jen on this. You don't look all that big... My sister got so big with her last one that she had to rock back and forth to get enough momentum to get off of the couch... You are fine.

So when are you guys coming to Fort Wayne next?

Hollie said...

Great to hear the size of your baby is right on track. I feel for you with the yoru little one being breech. If he/she is still in breech position come a few weeks, gimmie a call. I can tell you all of things that you need to do. :) I tried them all. You might want to think about going to see a Chiropractor to do the Webster's Technique. If you do a google search on it, you'll see that it's very effective. My little one just didn't have room to turn around. But if you remember correctly, my belly was OUT OF THIS WORLD HUGE. Laney was sitting up looking pretty on her hiney as well. Don't worry though, the Lord has a purpose for all things and you know that. Trust Him to turn him/her(i feel the need to say her) if He sees fit. Praying for you! Love you

Josh & Donna said...

FUNNY picture of samuel! glad you have some new friends but sad you're not having twins. that would've been fun! :o)

Adrianna said...

that is sooo cute. haha. i hope mr. ed has more matching skills with clothes than my dad does. haha. we miss you guys A LOT! ttyl.