Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eat More Grapes

I THINK THE VIDEO WILL WORK NOW - (Let me know if it doesn't)

We haven't done much signing with Samuel in his short life. I think you are supposed to start working with them as early as 7 months old. But I have renewed my interest in signing with him and now he is soaking it up like a sponge. We got a Baby Sign book at the library and he likes to look at the pictures and try to mimic the children. I took a little video of him signing "Eat More Grapes". He does a good job, but he is also being really silly at the same time. (side note: the first sign we started with was "more" and I would give him more grapes. After awhile I figured out that he thought the sign for "more" actually meant "grapes". It took about a day and a half to help him realize what the "more" sign means - I also had to look up the sign for "grapes" so he would understand that was something different!).


Jen said...

it keeps saying "this video is unavailable."
What's up with that.


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NotesbyNewsome said...

My Samantha likes to watch your Samuel!!