Thursday, January 03, 2008

Catching Up...

I have decided to play a little catch up with the blog. Here are a few cute shots from the past few weeks:

Samuel enjoying the change in weather:

Our living room with our new furniture:

Our new bedroom furniture (there is also a dresser & a chest of drawers):

Samuel and his friend Grace enjoying a snack on the counter:

Playing with Grace's baby doll - look what the new baby has to look forward to:

The best part about being back in the Midwest - playing Euchre. Samuel is helping Daddy here:

Samuel and Grace at their own card game:

Grace's mommy Coricia playing with the kids:

Samuel figured out how to get both pacis in his mouth at the same time:

I gave Samuel a banana as a snack in the car and he started eating the other end - he wanted to keep going but I took it away from him because he was making an absolute mess. We now have banana smeared all over the clips of the carseat!

In other news, I went to the Obstetrician today (FINALLY) and I really like her. She said everything with baby #2 seems great. I will have an ultrasound at the beginning of February to make sure that the baby is growing. We will also be touring the hospital sometime next month as we prepare for the impending delivery. I am 27 weeks pregnant now, so I should have about 13 weeks to go. We are at an impasse as far as names go - we are looking for an Old Testament first name and an '89 Cubs player middle name. We're open to suggestions, so let us know!


Alan Knox said...

I don't think "Alan" is an OT name or a name from the '89 Cubs.

How about Gomer Salazar Payne for a girl, or Balaam Bielecki Payne for a boy?


aje said...

For a boy:
Moses Law Payne
(how cool is that?)

For a girl:
Miriam Webster Payne

keith said...

Mahershalalhashbaz Dunston Payne

Abigail Grace Payne