Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Pics

We are in Indiana, spending Christmas with my parents. We gave Samuel a few gifts on Christmas morning, then headed to my mom's family's for Christmas with the McLallins. Samuel was OVERWHELMED with gifts from all of his aunts/uncles/cousins. We had SUCH a great time with all of them. Here we are enjoying our Christmas together:
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aje said...

PINK outfit? Does this mean its a girl?????

Josh & Donna said...

um, is that your subtle way of announcing you're gonna have a daughter??!!

Leah said...

Ha, ha - that is my family's NOT so subtle way of saying they REALLY, REALLY want a girl this time!

We still DO NOT know if it is a boy or girl - even the u/s tech couldn't see one way or the other.

I have been thinking it's a boy the entire pregnancy, but now I'm starting to change my mind. I am getting REALLY big - if my basketball belly starts growing sideways instead of out, I will definitely change my vote to a girl. We'll see.

Hollie said...

Leah, you look so adorable. I want to see a ton of belly pics

Dusman said...

Hi Leah,

I'm a friend of Alan Knox's and you asked at his Assembling of the Church blog about women speaking in the gathered assembly. I've done quite a bit of work on the pertinent NT passages in question and think you'll appreciate my work on 1 Timothy 2:11-12 here:

Just scroll down to the section titled "Debate Focus and Summary" and you'll see what I believe to be the most consistent interpretation of this passage I've ever come across. I decided just to post this link on your blog since I wasn't sure if you'd make your way back to Alan's blog anytime soon. God bless you and your family . . . those pics of the babies are so precious!