Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Trip Out

We had a pretty good drive on the way out to Colorado. We got up early on Saturday morning and drove all day to Kearney, Nebraska. I drove the first three hours and then Ed took over for the rest of the trip. I packed things for the boys to open every hour or so. Here is my collection of things before I pack them up:

And here are the boys and their stuff sprawled out in the van:

I bought these trays at Dollar Tree and they were SO helpful. The boys could play on them, eat on them, color on them, etc:

We of course stopped at a Starbucks or two (okay, or three) on the way out:

We spent the night at a hotel I got off of Hotwire. I am thankful we booked ahead of time because once we arrived the lady at the front desk said there weren't any more rooms available in town!

When we drove into Denver the next day, there was this crazy storm brewing to the North of us. I got some cool photos/video of it:

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