Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Last of the Denver Photos

Here are a few more photos of our time in Denver with our seminary friends.

We visited Evergreen, CO one evening for dinner. It was a beautiful drive into the mountains. We had planned to walk around a bit when we got there, but it was starting to rain. That didn't stop the kids from doing some exploring of their own outside of the restaurant:

We also went to the splashpad in their town. The boys weren't too into it at first because they don't really like to be splashed in the face. But then good ol' mom remembered that I had brought the bath toys along. They were a big hit! All the kids loved putting them on the spray and launching them:

After Denver we were on our way north to Fort Collins to spend the rest of the week with our friends, The Castelluccios. More photos to come!

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