Thursday, November 04, 2010

Samuel Says...

Here are some funny statements from Samuel this week...

Me: I'm going to go vote.
Samuel: What's vote mom?
Me: It's like when you get to go pick who the leaders should be.
Samuel: I think you should be the leader mom. You should vote for yourself.

Later that night...
Me: I'm going to go downstairs and see who won the vote.
Samuel: Did you win mom?


I was packing tonight for the women's retreat I'm going on this weekend. Samuel wanted to stay up and help me pack. I was trying on outfits.
Me: What do you think of this one?
Samuel: It looks dumb.
Me: I think it looks cute.
Samuel: Go ahead and wear it. Then the women on the retreat can say you look dumb too.

Samuel: That looks dumb mom.
Me: Okay, Samuel, that's enough saying the word dumb.
Samuel: I'm just saying dumb to make you laugh so you'll play with me.

Me: Where are my skinny jeans?
Samuel: Are they skinny jeans because you're skinny, mom?
Me: No, that's just what they're called. I'm actually a little fat.
Samuel: Then why don't you wear your fat pants?


tenjuices said...

fat pants. thats great.

Kari said...

I love that kid!

Aunt Karen said...

Wonder what he would call MY pants?!?!?!?!

Shannon Bradley said...

ahhahah I LOVE these!! Esp the "go ahead and wear them and..." Boys! :)Love them.