Monday, November 22, 2010

Date Night

We love Sunday nights at our house! Every Sunday night from 5 to 8 is Date Night. The kids get so excited about this that they ask every day if it is date night and when Sunday finally rolls around they've been known to jump up and down on the couch and chant "Date Night! Date Night!". There are three families that do date night: us, the Castelluccios and the Wongs. We each have two children about the same ages. The big kids are all 4 and the little guys are all 2. We rotate so that each couple gets two Sundays out and then the third Sunday you have to watch all 6 kids. If you are the babysitters that night, you have to feed the kids, entertain them, and then have them jammied up in time for the 8 o'clock pick up. The kids love this just as much as the adults. Here's the 6 kiddos on our most recent date night...
Eating dinner:

Burying Ed in a pile of pillows:

Two of the little guys hanging out with Ed:

All jammied up and watching a video until Mom and Dad come:
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Eric Potter said...

I can't believe Ed let them bury him in pillows. He used to get freaked out if you put a pillow near his face.

Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

What a FABULOUS idea! My gears are churning as to who could join us in that.

Loid said...

You are do smart! What a nice idea for everyone