Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I miss you guys

Hi everyone. I just typed up a post for my other blog, Prayer of Hannah, and realized how much I miss blogging. I went hunting through the archives for a few photos and loved reminiscing about things we've done over the past few years. I get sad when I see big holes in my blogging b/c I can't for the life of me remember what happened in between the gaps. I need this blog!! :)

So here's a quick update on all of us to bring this blog up to speed.

Ed: Guess what? They are busy at work again! Ed's work laid a bunch of people off this summer after work slowed to a trickle. There are only three guys left on Ed's shift. It was slow for awhile even with just the three of them. But now things are picking up again and Ed is feeling it! He even went out today and treated himself to a new pair of tennis shoes to wear at work for all the running around he does (kudos to him - he used a coupon!).

Leah: Guess what? Things are still busy at home! Ha, ha. Our fall schedule has kicked in, so that means I am back to Moms group, AWANA, and Bible Study Fellowship. We are reading the book "Parenting is Heart Work" for Moms group and studying the book of Isaiah in BSF. My friend Erica also started an "Explorers Group" on Wednesday mornings where all the moms and kids get together at different outside places and go exploring. Last week we went to a trail around a pond and tried to catch bugs. Tomorrow we're going to a nature center. I'm not sure what the theme is. Erica is homeschooling her oldest two and so she usually has a plan for what we're doing each day. Healthwise, I'm feeling good. I have my bad spells every now and again, but I've started taking some Imodium and that's helping. I go for my one year checkup on Sept. 30.

Samuel: Oh, boy, this child needs to get out of the house! He has taken to mimicking all of my sayings and mannerisms. Just today I heard him say, "why thank you", "you're kidding me", "I've had it with you two" and "can you imagine?". He is skipping his afternoon nap every now and again (although he took a 3 hour one yesterday!). He is also back to memorizing Bible verses for AWANA. I'm really trying to encourage him to learn how to read, but he's not all that interested.

Joel: Guess who knows what he wants and will let you know about it? Aaugh, this child! He has become very opinionated lately. He wants a particular color of cup, a particular song at bedtime sung while you are rocking him with his blanket and kitty, particular shoes and no others will do, the list goes on. But his stubborn spirit has it's upside. He has taught himself how to ride Samuel's bike. He's really good and quite fearless. Good ol' Grammy Carol ordered him his very own bike that should be arriving in a few days. His royal stubborness still refuses to be potty-trained though. Any advice on this front would be great. I'm so sick of diapers!

On the horizon: The boys and I will be heading to Disney World in two weeks. We're going to FL while Ed goes out to Aspen, CO for a Men's Retreat. He'll fly from the retreat to Orlando to spend the week with us at my parent's place. We're looking forward to the trip. The boys have been making a list of all they want to do at Disney (me too!).

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Lindsay said...

You guys are going to have soooo much fun at Disney. I went in October with my family and I loved it! I want to go again as soon as possible.