Saturday, August 28, 2010

Samuel's New Bike

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My mom and dad bought Samuel his first big boy bike for his 4th birthday. My mom and I took Samuel to the store to pick it out. He found one that had a rocket on it and thought it would be just perfect. He climbed on to see if he could ride it and never got off again. He rode it to the checkout where the lady scanned it with him still on it. And then he rode it out into the parking lot to the van. He has been really good about wearing his helmet each time he rides his bike - I was afraid it would be an argument. And this child LOVES to ride his bike!

Since Samuel got the new bike, Joel has inherited Samuel's Diego tricycle. He can't reach the pedals, but he can still motor using his feet.

Samuel took his first big bike trip last Sunday. We went for a family ride in the forest preserve after church. Joel rode in the bike trailer behind me. Samuel rode over a mile on his bike! We rode through the forest preserve up to Starbucks and back. I was really impressed that he made it that far. He only tired out at the very end. We had to put him in the bike trailer and wedge his bike into the back of the trailer. We certainly got a few funny looks on the trail!
I hope the weather stays nice for a long while so we can enjoy many more bike rides.


Anonymous said...

Watch out Lance Armstrong! Way to go SammE. Love, "Aunt Mary"

Krista said...

Oh my he looks like such a big boy. Can't believe our kiddos are now FOUR! Call me so we can catch up before we head back overseas. . .miss you friend!!

Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

How Sweet! Laney loves her big girl bike as well. Miss'n you!