Friday, August 06, 2010

Fly on the Wall Friday

If you were a fly on the wall/van window/vacation wall this week, you might have heard the following:

passing a cemetery...

Samuel: Look, Grammy, that's where they bury the dead bodies.
Grammy: Really?
Samuel: Why do they bury the dead bodies there?
Me: Well, you have to put all the dead bodies somewhere. You can either bury them in the cemetery or you can burn them up in a really hot fire and keep the ashes in an urn in your living room.
Samuel: Well, you could just eat the meat.
Me: Eew, gross. You couldn't do that.
Samuel: Why not? If you were a meat eater you could.
Me: Well, we are meat eaters, but we don't eat human meat.
Samuel: Why?
Me: Well, um, social norms I guess. Plus it's just gross.


My mom takes Samuel to the bathroom to do his business...

Samuel (while on the pot): So, do you miss Florida, Grammy?


Warning: This one is probably rated PG-13. :)

My mom takes the boys outside to watch a guy put his boat in the water. The boys quickly grow bored and come up with their own fun...

Samuel: Let's do the spank your p*n*s dance Jojo.
Joel: Yeah, spank your p*n*s, spank your p*n*s!


aje said...

I'll bet Ed taught them that dance.

Anonymous said...

This whole post makes me uncomfortable on so many levels...


Shannon Bradley said...

I am just catching up with your blog and I am in tears laughing! :) Boys are so much fun!