Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Muddy Boys

After a good rain we like to take the boys on a walk in their rain boots. We ventured down to the ball diamond on the corner the other week to discover a field full of mud. The boys were in *heaven*. I only got one shot of Joel when we got home:

And then there's this muddy guy:


Aunt Karen said...

So which to they enjoy most: getting muddy or getting hosed off when they get home? What a mess!! Aunt Karen hopes to see you next month.

Bristol Grandma said...

Oh, how I remember the good ole days with our first 2 - Brent and Matt were such partners in MUD, DIRT, WATER!! I remember one time tho, when we lived in Minnesota that Aaron had a friend and they had a tomato fight. 2 two-year olds with tomato seeds from top to bottom!! I can laugh now :)