Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh, no - he's "that kid"

Weeell, we had Cubbies Awards Night last night and I learned a little more about Samuel than I was prepared to learn! I thought Samuel was really shy and reserved at Cubbies. Buut, apparently he is s-i-l-l-y. As in super silly. As in he was falling all over the floor and the leader had to pull him off to the side. I thought to myself (hoped!) that it was a one time thing b/c of the crowd. I asked his teacher and she said, "no, he's pretty much like this every week." Are you kidding me?! It would have been nice to know that back in SEPTEMBER when Cubbies started!! I guess it's a good thing that he has two more years in Cubbies - well, unless you are Samuel's Cubbie teacher!


aje said...

I was "that kid". One day he will have to move across the world to get away from the old Sunday School teachers telling stories about him.

Carol said...

Hey, at least you got him to wear his Cubbie's vest!