Friday, April 23, 2010

Fly on the Wall Friday

If you were a fly on our wall this week you might have heard this...

I told Samuel he could wear whatever he wanted to his Cubbies Awards Night. He was looking through his shirts and exclaimed:
I got it! Go Colts! This is the best one in the whole world!

(Much thanks to my cousin Angie for handing down this shirt to us!)

Samuel: Dad, your one tooth is tryin' to get the other.


Me: Joel, where's your other shoe?
Joel: It's stuck.
Me: What?
Then later I found this:


Samuel walks by me with a bag of snack mix...
Me: Samuel, what do you have there?
Samuel: A snack. I saw everyone was busy so I just got it by myself. I'm busy too.
Me: Greeeat.


Kari said...

The first one is definitely the best! Your Indiana relatives are so proud of you, Samuel! Don't let your daddy brainwash you...let us do it. :)

Angie said...

So glad we have a little Colts fan! I'll keep the shirts coming. Go Colts!

Kay said...

Samuel has the best taste when it comes to picking out his shirts.