Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Obsess much?

Joel is definitely obsessed with videos lately. Everyone morning when he wakes up (and then at various points throughout our day) he will say:

"Watch Jesus Song. Watch Christmas Bob. Watch I-ego (Diego)." Over. and Over. and Over. (BTW, Jesus Song is the Cedarmont Kids Bible Songs DVD - SO cute!).

Here he is taking in a little Christmas Bob one afternoon on the portable DVD player:


rkstahly said...

Are you sure that's not Samuel watching videos?

So glad surgery went well. I'm hoping for Friday also. Take care. Love, Aunt Karen

Leah said...

Joel looks a lot like Samuel in that picture, doesn't he? I didn't really notice until you said something. But tis true - that is Joel, not Sam.

Anonymous said...

Karen I am soooo glad you said that because I thought it was Samuel also! Love, Mary