Wednesday, October 21, 2009

JoJo - The International Mediator

Flashback to two weekends ago: We had two Japanese women stay at our house (it was the weekend before I went into surgery). Our church family includes a Japanese congregation and they were hosting 9 visitors from Japan. The two ladies that stayed with us were a little older and traveling to the US for the first time. They spoke about 10 words of English, making it a very interesting stay! Ed was a great host! He had to pick them up from the pastor's house on Saturday night at 8:30pm once they got in from O'Hare. I was at a baby shower. The women told Ed they wanted to wait up for me to arrive home. I didn't end up getting home until 10:30!! Poor Ed had to make conversation with these women for 2 hours! He said it was a very funny time and he managed to commit a social mistep or two.

The women especially enjoyed the boys. It was nice to have the boys to play with because our conversations were so limited. Joel gave us an instant activity to share together - and he didn't seem to mind the extra attention at all.

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