Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hello from the Hospital

Hi all. Just wanted to let you all know that I am here in the hospital. The not so fun stomach thing I mentioned earlier has been diagnosed as Ulcerative Colitis (not a baby as some guessed!). I am in the hospital to receive some IV steroids to help my body settle down. I should be out by Sunday or Monday.

God was so good to allow my mom to fly up from Florida on Thursday night be with the boys. She’ll be here until Saturday to help around the house. And thanks to God for Ed’s job that allows him to be home during the day with boys and to provide us with wonderful health insurance.

Just thought I would give everyone the heads up. I’ll have my mom keep up with taking pictures of the boys for the blog.



The Hangs said...

LEAH!!! I want to come visit you!!!
Feel better soon!! LOVE YA!!

aje said...

Leah, I am so sorry that you are so ill! I bet you wish this were a baby instead!!! Get well soon and take good care of yourself!

Krista said...

Leah!! I'm so sorry you are hospital bound. I'm praying for you!! We just got back and it was great to read through your blog and catch up. I was just telling Josh, "You guys do such a good job of going on vacations - I love it."

Anonymous said...

Oh Leah,
I wish it was next year and I was retired,I would come to help you out. I love you and am praying for you. Hang in there. Love Mary H

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you are in the hospital. I'm glad your Mom is there with you guys. Sending a prayer your way. Love you and take care. Aunt Peggy

Shannon Bradley said...

Leah, PLEASE email or call me if you want to!! I was diagnosed with UC in high school and struggled with it for about 7 years...I love talking about it and sharing what I have learned from it. I know each case is different, but I would love to share with you if you need anything!!

Margaret said...

Oh Leah! Hopefully the trip to the hospital will get you back on your feet soon. Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

So sorry it took a hospital stay, but I'm so glad they've found the problem. I'm sure you'll have adjustments to make and lots to learn, but hang in there. Try to take it easy, Yes I do know you have two small boys!! Love you, Aunt Karen

Jason said...

Mandie and I will be praying for you. Hope everything else is going well.