Monday, August 03, 2009

Hanging in There

Hello everyone. Here's me day 4 in the hospital. I got to put on a shirt today--very exciting.

I'm on a fairly high dose of steroids which the doctor said could make me start looking like this.

My little guys have been faithful to come visit every day though I'm beginning to wonder if it's me or the cartoons they keep coming back for.

I think I may be feeling better. The doctor will be back in the morning to see if I continue to improve. If so, I may get to come home tomorrow. You'll notice my mom is not in any of these pictures. She's too busy cooking and cleaning and remembering what it's like to be a stay-at-home mom. Thank you to everyone who commented and/or called. And also thank you for praying. I'll keep you updated and hopefully have good news tomorrow.


Angie said...

Thanks for the update. We'll continue to pray.

kari said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. You are in my prayers.

Josh and Donna said...

the shirt is a great improvement from the gown. :o) praying for you friend!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for all of you. (You too Carol!)
love, Mary H

Margaret said...

I'm glad to hear from you. I've been thinking about you all day.

Mark'sMeg said...

Aww, I hope you get to go home soon! We're praying for you!