Thursday, July 09, 2009


Our pastor mentioned the other day in his sermon that there aren't nearly as many people in the US today who make things with their hands - "you know, the kind of guys who wear their name on their shirt". Well, I'm proudly married to a man that has his name stitched on the front of his workshirt and he makes stuff every day. Do you know what Ed does for a living? He's a chemist. He works in a chemical plant where they make the active ingredient of different drugs, a lot of them experimental drugs that are in the research phase - things like cancer drugs, alzheimer drugs, MS drugs. His job is to make on a large scale what someone else has made on a very small scale. So he spends his evenings rolling around large drums of materials, mixing things in two-story reactors and praying that nothing goes too terribly wrong. And it can - it's a fairly dangerous job just because he is working with harsh chemicals and sometimes mixing them in new ways where they're not sure what exactly could happen. But the end result is that his company is contributing to the research process to find new drugs to help with bad diseases. Ed is a part of that, and he gets to wear his name right on his shirt. There, now you know a little bit more about our household hero.


Mark'sMeg said...

You know, I had no idea what Ed did at work! Fascinating! Now what I want to know is if he still shuffles his Hebrew cards every day :)

Keith said...

experimental, eh? Does he ever bring home free samples? ;)