Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hurry, June is almost over...

and I haven't posted yet this month! After my trip to Florida, I heard from a number of disappointed readers that I haven't been posting enough. I've been trying to think of a really good excuse, but alas, I don't really have any. Just a mix of laziness, busyness, and life with 2 very active boys. I'll try to ease you back in to the cuteness that is Samuel and Joel Payne.

Why I've stopped asking the boys to say "cheese" when I try to take their pictures:

No smiles, but no cheesy grins either:

I think it's so cute when I capture Joel staring at his brother, looking to see what they're going to do next.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Honey, I needed a fix of those 2 silly blond boys! Gosh do I miss ya. Love Mary