Friday, June 26, 2009

Highly Recommended, Milwaukee Public Museum

In my era of not posting (of which I have repented - I swear!), I missed the chance to tell you all about our trip up to the Milwaukee Public Museum. I have a great husband who is very good about coming up with fun ideas to do on weekends. The last weekend of May, we made the 1.5 hour trip up to Milwaukee to see their Public Museum. It was so much fun! It is an old-school sort of museum with lots of dioramas and such. One part that you walk through is the Old Streets of Milwaukee. They have shops and homes set up on both sides of the street. You can look in all of the windows to see inside. (side note: sorry, I don't know why two of my pictures in this post are sideways. I've tried correcting it and can't figure out what the problem is. Just tilt your head and use your imagination)

They also had a butterfly room with hundreds of butterflys. You could walk right through it. I had one land on my hand. Joel mostly just tried to mash them (don't worry, no butterflys were actually harmed). Samuel was more interested in climbing on all of the rock formations.

And because of some weird, twisted impluse Ed has to pretend to stick our children's heads in the mouths of dinosaurs, we snapped some pictures of Joel:

You may recall pictures of Samuel with his head in a dinosaur in Raleigh.
We finished off the day with lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery. We sat outside next to the riverwalk and Ed was officially the first one to say "it's hot" in 2009.


Margaret said...

That looks like fun Leah. Glad you are back online!

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