Monday, April 09, 2007

Museum Antics

The family headed out to Downtown Durham on Friday for some fun, including a museum and some popsicles, but I FORGOT THE CAMERA! Augh!

We went out again on Saturday to Downtown Raleigh, and I forgot the camera again, but Ed was sweet enough to turn around and go back for it. We had a LOT of fun together. There were a lot of great pics and I couldn't narrow them down, so I put them in a slideshow that you can view below. Note: You have to click on the play button twice to get it to work. Double Note: If you want to read the captions, double click on the album and it will open in a new window.

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Carsons Inc. said...

fun times! Where did ya'll go and eat? I want to know of some good places downtown, so we can get out of Youngsvegas every now and then.

Leah said...

We ate at the Raleigh Times Bar. It is really yummy and there is a neat coffee shop next door called the Raleigh Morning News. Plus, you are within walking distance of all the museums downtown.

Maƫl said...

So I see a theme ... Ed eats dinosaurs, Samuel eats dinosaurs, ... what happened to Leah dinosaurs?