Saturday, April 04, 2009


The boys' hobby - hangin' out:

My hobby - grocery shopping:

I got all of the above for $18. The breakdown:
7 boxes Raisin Bran
13 boxes Nutrigrain Bars
5 pkgs Kraft American cheese slices
6 pkgs Kraft string cheese
2 DiGiorno individual pizzas
1 can crescent rolls
3 gallons Dean's milk


Josh and Donna said...

i am proud of your grocery skills. but you really need some other hobbies besides grocery shopping... :o)

Anonymous said...

Nice haul, but I have it on good authority that Ed is sick of Raisin Bran.

Leah said...

Dave! The funny thing is that the day after you all left I scored 10 BIG boxes of Honeycomb for less than $5. That took up the rest of the room in the cereal storage area. I'm still waiting on another good Honey Nut Cheerios sale to come along.

Justin & Gi said...

Rock on shoppn mommy!