Sunday, April 05, 2009

The A says "Augh"

The alternative title to this post is "Preschool" but that will only mean something to Ruth Palmer or those of you who know Ruth Palmer and can remember her girls going to "Preschool" when they were younger. I love you and miss you, Ruth!!

Samuel has found a new obsession - Leap Frog's The Letter Factory DVD. We rented this movie from the library about a week and a half ago and he has watched it more times than I am comfortable admitting. He asks for it the second he wakes up, a million times throughout the day, and wants to know if he can "watch ABCs a little bit before bed." Augh!!!

The upshot of all of this video watching is that Samuel now knows all of his ABCs - he can recognize and name all of them and he can tell you what sound all of them make (with the exception of E,I, and U - go figure). I am still attempting to catch this all on video. He usually has to jump around and be silly as I ask him about all the letters, which makes for a very long and motion sickening video. Here's Samuel soaking up the Preschool lesson.

And for all of you who have heard the Leap Frog ABCs, sing with me..."The A says augh, the A says augh, every letter makes a sound, the A says augh."


Mark'sMeg said...

lol -- we have the fridge magnet set so we are waaaaayyy to familiar with that song :) But it does help them learn it petty effortlessly.

Christy said...

That is great. I haven't ventured into the videos yet. The fridge magnets have been my learning tool for my boys. I was shocked the first time my oldest brought some other letter magnets to me and told me what letters they were (he was 15 months so yes I was very surprised and delighted.) I'm looking into getting the word whammer (I think is what it's called) so that I can begin basic words with my boys.

Jen said...

you know, that's how Liam learned all his letter sounds so young as well. and Kate picked up on it from the video too. Something about those videos.... hmmm. watch out you may have a budding reader too in a few years!

Ruth Palmer said...

Yes!!! Preschool indeed! Much cheaper than the real thing - ha ha!! It's an oldest kid thing....Jenna couldn't have cared less to watch it. He'll know how to spell his name before you know it!
Miss you all, too!

Margaret said...

That's awesome that he knows his alpabet! Is he doing the Hebrew one yet?