Monday, February 02, 2009

Not as easy as it looks

I bought a Gingerbread House on clearance at Michael's and was planning on saving it until next year, but Samuel found it and insisted we play with it. Well, I hope he had a good time because I will never do this again. It is a real pain in the butt! Here's how it looked after our first attempt:

We finally got it to stick together and I let Samuel do all the decorating on one side. As we were putting the gumdrops around the roof, I looked out the window and saw the mailman. I said, "ooh, here comes the mailman." I guess I was putting on a gumdrop right as I said that, because then Samuel thought the gumdrops were called "mailmans". He would say, "here's a mailman, mommy." He also didn't know for a few days that the pieces were edible until he saw me eat one. Oops. Here's the front and back of our finished project (minus some of the mailmans that got eaten).

Finally, here is Samuel's pronunciation of a "Gingerbread House".

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Renata said...

I got one on clearance at walmart and it was put together already. We only decorated it. I've done the other kind before, so I know exactly what you mean.