Friday, January 30, 2009

We love our friends

We got to see some of our friends over the Christmas break. In keeping with my way behind the times blogging, I am actually the third one to post about this visit. You can read other accounts here and here.
First, the kiddos:

Second, the men - although I will say that the men behaved more like children for their photo than the actual kids. (Notice the butt grabbing going on).

I actually had to leave pretty early on in the evening. I was trying to rock Joel to sleep in Jen's beautiful new nursery for her beautiful new baby in her beautiful new house and Joel TOTALLY yacked all over everything! It was disgusting. I wrapped myself around him to try to catch most of the puke, but it still got on her carpet and glider. I waddled out into the hallway and cried for help. It was an awful mess. I headed home with the boys, but Ed stayed and whooped it up with his friends.
We love you guys.
And sorry about the puke.


Jen said...

no big deal about the puke. I just felt so bad we didn't hear you hollering for help sooner! "oh, Ed, we think Leah wants some help..."

And you know you're a mom when you sacrifice your own body to catch the puke!

It was so fun to have everybody together.

Damian Dunn said...

I'm torn on this one.

A) You hung out with other friends, too, yet you don't seem to mention them. I see where we rate.

B) If your kids puke at your friends houses, maybe I don't feel as bad about A.