Thursday, January 29, 2009

More fun in Carbondale

Samuel got a few puzzles for Christmas from Melissa & Doug (the toy company, not anyone we know personally). He has now memorized his 12 piece puzzles, so we bought him a 24 piece puzzle last week. He can pretty much do that one with his eyes closed, so we are probably going to buy a few 48 piece puzzles this weekend. Here he is working on his ABC puzzle book:

Here's Joel, who doesn't know his ABCs and thinks puzzles are great chew toys:

Here's the cousins at Christmas trekking around the backyard with Grandma and Ed. I didn't venture off with them on this particular outing, so I have no idea where they came across an old tractor.

And here's Samuel hanging out with Grandpa Payne on the back porch.


Christy said...

Oh I love Melissa and Doug stuff as well as Leap Frog. My Asa already recognizes all of his letters thanks to the fridge magnets set from Leap Frog. I want to get the lower case letters for the fridge as well.

My boys love looking at the pictures on your blog and always get excited to see video. They love watching the "babies" (that's what Asa says when he sees them). Thanks for sharing with the world.

Ruth Palmer said...

Ok, that stuff sounds just like Mackenzie and her puzzles. Definitely a 1st kid thing!!!