Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More from Samuel

I always find it amusing when I hear Samuel say something new and think to myself "where'd he get that?" - and then hear myself say the EXACT same thing later in the day. The first one Samuel started doing was saying "mmm-hmm" and nodding his head (I have since learned that I do this ALL THE TIME!). Now he has started saying "good" when I ask him things like "how's your diaper?" "how are the peas?" etc. Here's the little booger:

We also received SUCH a great gift yesterday. Ed works with a guy named Charles who has two boys. They are growing too old for all of their Thomas things, so he passed some down to us. He dropped off a BIG Rubbermaid tub of tracks, motorized trains, and other accessories yesterday. Samuel was SO pumped. Here he is in the middle of our new train mania basement:

And, finally, some pictures that Ed asked me to put up for his friends. I'm not sure what they've been up to lately, but I hear Ed howling with laughter every now and again as he reads posts on their Yahoo group. This is a Kingdom Hall with lots of windows and Dave with berry on his butt:


NotesbyNewsome said...

Isn't it amazing how they repeat what you say??? James started saying "huh?" a lot and Andy said, "I have no idea where he gets that" and I said, "Babe, you say that to me ALL the time!" He had never thought about it before then!!

Anonymous said...

Grace was so excited to see herself on your blog. She didn't even mention the berry pants. What a good girl. She also likes the videos. We watched "Samnel" tell us he likes his meal like 12 times. dave