Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Samuel's Antics

When I went in to feed Joel at 5am the other morning, I noticed that it was strangely silent on Samuel's side of the room. Usually I can hear him rustling around. After I laid Joel back down I went over to Samuel's bed and saw that he was not in his bed. My mind instantly raced - was he kidnapped, was he hurt, etc - but I figured he had just wandered off somewhere. I went downstairs and found this:

Who knows how long ago he had gone down there and how long he played before he finally sacked out.

We went downtown on Saturday to visit a friend's gallery. In the middle of our visit we heard fire trucks (Samuel calls them "Siren Trucks"). We went out and found SIX fire trucks right outside the gallery door. It was a false alarm. Samuel was in HEAVEN with all the action. He got to see the men and their gear and hear the sirens. The firemen were so great - they let Samuel look at everything and tried to get him to get in the truck with them. Samuel was too nervous about it, but he did stand at the door with me and talk to the "man-guys". It was awesome! I was too busy helping Samuel look at everything to take a picture, but here he is sitting on the stoop watching the fire trucks (you can kind of see their reflection in the window):


aje said...

How funny! I wonder, was it still dark when he went down to play? He obviously wanted to play with his puzzles...maybe he couldn't see them, so just laid his head down! He is too cute! What little blessings they are! :)

Josh and Donna said...

that's so funny that he was asleep in the living room! maybe he needs a firm mattress.