Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home Improvement

Ed has been hard at work this week fixing the basement and main floor bath. Our friend Charlie has been working with him during the day, and then I've been painting in the evenings once the boys are in bed. We still need to strip the wallpaper in the main bath. The wallpaper will come down next week once we have an idea of what to do instead. The wall is ruined behind the wallpaper (scored to death by the previous owners) so I will probably have to hang new wallpaper - ugh! I am trying to find something that is as plain white as possible. If you notice, there is also wallpaper on the ceiling! We will have to fix that as well. We also have to come up with a solution for the basement tile. Not sure what to do there. Anyhow, here's some of what's been done:
Main Bath Before:

Main Bath After:

Basement Before:

Basement After:


Christy said...

I really like you light fixture and mirror for the bathroom. It is amazing how something as simple as that completely changes the look.

aje said...

Wow! Wallpaper on the ceiling! The new mirror and lights make a huge difference, its really pretty! So, what exactly did the previous owners do to the walls?

Carol said...

This looks great. You should paint the rest of the basement to match. Just what you needed--more projects! You guys have done a great job on the house. It just keeps improving all the time.

Anonymous said...

Look'n good. Get a nice sky light for the bathroom. Ceiling wallpaper is gone AND it would be the perfect spot for a solar shower - right Ed..


tenjuices said...

As far as a solar shower, I would have to hire a couple of engineers that could get it in place and have it stable for more than 10 minutes. Know of any?

Anonymous said...

Uh... no not really, but I might be able to find one who could paint it a pretty blue color.