Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CVS Savings

I went CVSing today, and here's how I did:

Transaction 1:
I bought-
Huggies Size 3 on sale $9.99
Huggies Size 4 on sale $9.99
Huggies Wipes on sale $2.79
Gerber Baby Food on sale $1.26
Gerber Baby Food on sale $1.26
Total: $25.29 +tax

Coupons used-
Huggies Diapers -$1.50
Huggies Diapers -$1.50
Huggies Wipes -$.50
ECBs from previous transactions -$15.27

Total spent: $6.52 +tax
(p.s. did you know that we pay 12.25% tax?!?! Highest in the nation)
Earned $10 ECBs

Transaction 2:
I bought-
2 Candy Corns 2x$1.29
Powerade $1.69
Just For Men $7.99
Glowstick $.99
Total: $13.25

Coupons used-
ECBs from previous transaction -$10.00

Total spent: $3.25 +tax
Earned $13.25 ECBs
PLUS, I have a mail in rebate form for $8 for buying the Just For Men (anyone want some Just For Men?)

So, I got everything in the picture for around $10 and I have a $10 coupon to use on my next purchase, and $8 coming to me in the mail.

P.S. Ed got his own card and made his own little CVS deal. He scored 2 packs of diapers, 4 packs of Gerber food, 2 bags of candy corn, Powerade, and a Just For Men. Oh, and his Just For Men had a 60 minute calling card inside! And two of the diaper packs had coupons inside. Yeah for our team!


Renata said...

CVSing can be so fun! I get off to a good start, then I get lazy about getting the salespaper (it's easier for me to do it with a hard copy) and then find coupons. I think it's the only coupon shopping that is worthwhile.

Damian said...

Just For Men, Just For Life.

Anonymous said...

You are such a SEITZ!!!
from Aunt Karen