Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What loser...

What loser doesn't post on their blog for two weeks even though she has two adorable kids and a new house to show off!!

Here is my attempt at getting back into the blogging world.

First, a cute video taken during our carride to Indiana a few weekends ago:

Second, Samuel and his friend Abbie from our new church family. We try to get together once a week for play date:

As you can see, Samuel loves to laugh with Abbie. She is almost exactly one year older than him. They are the "big kids" at church (it's just them plus three babies). Everytime we say we're going to see the church, Samuel says "Abbie Church". I'm sure he'll eventually figure out the Jesus thing, but for now, Sundays are all about Abbie!

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aje said...

The little ham even knows to look at the camera instead of you for the videos. I assume that trip to IN was for oreopalooza? We were expecting a post out of you from this sacred event. What's up?