Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun Summer Treats

We've been enjoying the great weather here in Chicago. Here's Samuel eating his first fudgecicle (he had JUST woke up for his nap, so his face is a little scrunchy):

We've also taken refuge at the library during the heat of the day. We can walk one block south to the library and they have a great children's play area (and some books too!). Here is Samuel building a block tower (note Joel sitting in the chair in the background):

We also purchased a plastic kiddy pool at Menard's yesterday for $4. We put the $5 garage-sale find climber my mom gave Samuel into it and he had a BLAST. He played for hours on end. He even went out this morning while Ed was taking out the trash and went straight into the pool in his diaper and pajamas!!


Justin & Gi said... about being busy! It looks like the Lord is doing amazing things in your lifes, house, baby not sleeping, being in Chi town...I am excited for you all! When we moved to Louisburg, We did the whole, paint the entire house, clean every floor and he air ducts. But you all have out done us, but's going to look great!
Love looking at your blog!
I'll pray about Joel sleeping. And my only thought...Katie was a happy baby but terrible sleeper...I would do whatever you need to get sleep! I am all for the cry it out at about 4 months...I would work on night time first and then naps. For Katie if she doesn't go down about 6:30pm her sleep is WAY off (waking up at night, bad naps during the day, FUSSY!) and we all pay for a fussy baby...After I started putting her down even as early as 6 pm we all got on a much better routine. Even now at 13 months, she needs her night time sleep, which translates into much better naps etc. But prayer, grace and patience are your best friends.
Prayers and Smiles to ya, Gi

Josh & Donna said...

fun pool!