Thursday, July 24, 2008

Enjoying the summer

Hi friends! We are busy enjoying a nice summer together. We really love our new house. We walk to either the park or the library every day. And I just made a new friend today that told me I can walk across the street in the other direction and get onto the trail through the Forest Preserve. We will definitely be checking that out soon. I'd really like to get some bikes and a bike trailer for the boys. We'd like to send a big hello to "Grammy Choo-choo" who is currently teaching in China. Samuel named her this because she comes on the train to visit us. Here he is saying "Gammy Choo-Choo" (ignore the whining in the beginning!):

Here is Sammy (this is what he calls himself) with his best friend Abbie. He loves this little girl!! They are playing Barbies in our driveway. And here is the Jo-Jo. My dad bought him this walker at a yard sale when we moved in. He loves this thing! He cries his head off when I put him in his swing, but he will sit contentedly for quite awhile in this thing. He has learned how to lean over and chew the bar and toys. Thanks Papa! We've been over to the beach at Lake Michigan a few times as well. Here's a sweet shot of Samuel enjoying himself:

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Justin & Gi said...

I love photos like these, with S by the beach by himself. :) I have one of Katie too...precious! And your new home looks too cute! I am so excited for you four and what the Lord has provided...friends, home, church!
Smiles from us! :)