Sunday, June 01, 2008

Wake Forest: Part Three

One of the highlights of our visit to NC was meeting up with my old colleagues from Franklin Academy. Christina & Margaret were both 6th grade teachers at FA, where I taught Spanish. Christina wasn't even married yet when I first met her (she got married over Fall trackout of that year). The next school year we were all pregnant at the same time with our first babies, along with friends Krista and Jennifer. Here we are at our 5-way baby shower in the spring of 2006: All three of us were pregnant with our second babies at the same time as well! Now we have expanded from 3 to 9!! Wow! Here we are (Leah w/ Samuel & Joel, Christina w/ Will & Adeline, and Margaret w/ Meredith & Jonathan): Samuel had a great time playing with Will (well, with Will's toys to be more exact!). It was pretty funny to see the two of them interact. They both learned a new word: Share. They were sitting on the floor taking a toy back and forth between them saying "Share." And they were competing over the red Pottery Barn chair and the little chair at the coloring table. If one was sitting on the red chair, the other would run in and sit on the little chair and vice versa. Pretty cute. Here they are together: They did have fun together though. They loved chasing each other around the house:

And the funniest part of all is that when we got home I noticed that Samuel had a new toy. He STOLE Will's Little People toy from their house!! (Note to Christina: this will be going in the mail back to you this week!). Here is a little video of Samuel with what is known as "Wa Toe" (Will's Toy) around our house:


markandmeg said...

The video is so funny! It just made my night :)
Meg D

Alan Knox said...

To us, it looks like Will was sharing with Samuel. He may not have known that he was sharing, but Samuel was simply helping him learn to share his toys.

I can justify anything.


Hollie said...

hahahahaha! That was soo stink'n cute! Listen to his little voice!!! Oh my goodness, that was precious.

Krista said...

Oh I love the picture of the 9 of you! How precious. Y'all all look great. Glad you had such a wonderful vacation.

Jessica said...

hilarious. your little clepto is too cute for his own good. I loved seeing your and all your boys... I will be checking my house for missing items however.

Josh & Donna said...

cutest lil' thief i've ever seen!

Adrianna said...

That one picture of you 5 teachers is soooo cute. i know i haven't been keeping up... :( this is about the 2nd week of our 6 week summer break! i miss you sooo much! And guess what? My new spanish teacher that i became close to left me too!! She had to go be with family because her dad was sick i think. She told me that you were going to come to our school but i didnt see you...i really wish you were there. Maybe next time?! :o)) I miss you and you know, our school is now in need of a new spanish teacher. And if you teach there i could prob. be your teacher cadet. (A new elective where you spend a period helping a teacher with copies and stuff like that.) I was supposed to be mrs. o's but since she lefti think i'm going to be the new spanish teacher's cadet. Eek. im scared. Well that was just a little update. I miss you and hope to see you soon!
Love you lots,
Adrianna Solano
P.S. Joel has gotten so big and adorable along with Samuel.