Friday, May 30, 2008

Wake Forest: Part Two

We visited with so many friends while we were in NC. Here we are over at Meg's house with her son Asher. He was just a little guy when we left last July; I can't believe how big he's gotten! Check out those curls:

We also went over to visit with our friends Rob & Brandi. Brandi is Samuel's best girlfriend and I really think he remembered her in some way. He went crazy over their dog, Emme, as well - cute little video of them to come later. Here he is with his new camo baseball mitt that Rob & Brandi bought for him:

Isn't this the cutest photo?:

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amy said...

I've followed your prayer of hannah blog and sling your baby blog for sometime, but just found your family blog today. when looking at these pics, i realized i knew the meg in the pictures.... we were BSF leaders together in n. raleigh for several years and her hubby Roy and my hubby Justin went to SEBTS together. i was so excited to see their little boy... she was still teaching kindergarten and unable to get pregnant when we left, so i didn't know they had had a son!!! would you pass my personal blog onto her if you have her email address??? it's (it used to be and my name is amy combs. thanks so very much!!!