Friday, March 07, 2008

Hold Pattern...

First off, a comment on the last post made me realize that maybe I didn't explain why I am having ultrasounds in the first place.

Because Samuel was so small, the doctors wanted to monitor this pregnancy a little closer than normal. My 20 and 30 week ultrasounds were fine, but at my 36 week ultrasound (the one on Wednesday) the tech noticed that my fluid level was low. I had to go in this morning for another ultrasound to check the fluid level and also to have a Non-Stress Test (NST). My fluid level was the same (Low Normal) and the baby passed the NST with flying colors. I talked with my doctor afterward and she said that for now she wants to wait b/c I am still 36 weeks. I am scheduled to have another u/s and NST on Tuesday morning and then see the doctor in the afternoon. She said that if the level is the same, she wants to consider inducing labor - she said once we make it past Wednesday, I will be 37 weeks (full-term) and it may make more sense to deliver than to continue the pregnancy with low fluid levels.

I am thinking that I will go on Tuesday and have the same fluid level, see the doctor in the afternoon and she will schedule me for another check on Friday, and then we will possibly induce next weekend. That is my guess, but anything could happen.

I will snap some photos tomorrow so we can have some actual pictures on this blog again!


NotesbyNewsome said...

Thank you for explaining! I was concerned and now I know how to pray better for you and your little one!!

Ruth Palmer said...

So are you ready to be induced next week? Do you have all names ready? Hopefully you won't have to be's much easier going into labor on your own, but I know the wait can be agonizing, too :)