Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby Samuel and Baby "Ja"

Great news: the baby has turned head down and is all ready to be born! Well, all ready, but s/he still has 6 weeks until his/her due date! My doctor's appt. went well today. The u/s confirmed that the baby has in fact moved to the head down position. The dr. said that the baby is pretty low as well, which should mean that s/he should stay head down. I am scheduled for another u/s in 2 weeks to make sure everything is still okay size-wise and that the baby is still head down. The dr. asked me today if I have been getting things ready for the baby. I laughed out loud and told her that I haven't done a single thing! I don't know what I've been thinking, but I didn't even think about getting things ready for the baby until the dr. asked me about it today. We are going to FW this weekend to visit my parents, so I will pick up the infant carseat from them and bring it back here to be installed. And I went downstairs and dug out all of the newborn clothing I have and put it in the wash. I still need to pull out the pack n' play that my sis-in-law so graciously gave me and see what sort of sheets I need to get for it. I guess with Samuel still being so little, I kind of forgot that I would need to be getting other things set up!

As for the title of the post, Samuel has finally started to show some awareness of my growing belly. Now if we ask him "where's the baby?" he will point to himself and we must say "yes, Baby Samuel" and then we ask again "where's the baby?" and he will point to my stomach. Our boy name is Joel (at least we think it will be) and so we will say "yes, Baby Joel" and Samuel will sometimes repeat "baby Ja" - it is very sweet. I don't know what we will do if we have a girl b/c we haven't discussed any girl names that start with J. And speaking of girl names, we are still undecided. I suppose that's another thing I need to put on my to-do list to get ready for this baby's arrival!

To satisfy those that don't actually read what I write on here but just look at the pictures, I found a picture of Samuel with each of my parents, my brother, Ed & myself that I took over the past two weeks. Have a good one!


Jen said...

We were sooooo excited to hear from your mom last night at church that the baby had turned! what a relief! now baby ja better stay that way.


Leah said...

A good, Old Testament girl name that starts with "J"--Since Jezebel is probably out, what about Jochabed? Sorry, had to throw it out there:-)
Leah Finn

Margaret said...

i'm so glad that the little one has turned. I got ready for our new baby really early and am really glad I did. I was worn out from chasing a toddler towards the end of my pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure it's a girl so here's some help.....
Jalyn Rebecca
Jillian Grace
Julia Katherine
thought i'd throw in some middle names just to get you going. can't wait till SHE is here! aunt karen

Josh & Donna said...

yay! i'm glad the baby turned. girl name = donna.

NotesbyNewsome said...

It's better to be prepared...recently friends of ours totally thought they were having a girl and surprise...BOY! At least if the baby comes out a "she" you'll be prepared with something...instead of like our friends who were like, "uh...." :o)
My pick for a Biblical girl name: Jael. :o) Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl and see pics!!