Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's December Already?!

Wow! Time really flies when you don't have a home to call your own and your family is scattered across the country!

Here's what you've missed with us over the past week and a half:

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving at Ed's sister's house. It was a lot of fun and I'd love to share pics with you, but they are on my camera that is currently being driven across country.

After Thanksgiving, Ed, Samuel & I flew from CA to Chicago. We spent 5 days there looking for an apartment to rent. My parents came up and joined us, which was a BIG help. Samuel was sick, bored & going out of his mind living out of a hotel. He had a horrible time sleeping and my parents unfortunately had to bear the brunt of it! But we made it through.

Our trip was a success! We found a GREAT house to rent in Morton Grove. It is on the same street as Regis, where Ed will be working. It is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath house with a garage, yard, finished basement, laundry room, all new everything!! The Lord really blessed us with this house. Since it is less than a mile from Ed's work, we won't have to buy a second car just yet, which saves us even more money.

Samuel and I are now in Fort Wayne with my mom. Ed and my dad are driving across country from SF to Chicago. We are all set to meet back up in Chicago on Wednesday to move in the few things we have and then try to furnish the place! Samuel has been doing SO much better since we've been at my parents' house. He is back to sleeping 13 straight hours at night and taking a good nap. I think he is finally over his sickness, but he had the weirdest rash on his face that we never really figured out.

On a funny note, Samuel got a new set of pacifiers through this rash ordeal. He currently has about 6 rubber nippled Nuks that he keeps in his crib to use when he sleeps. I was afraid that they might have something to do with his rash, or at least that they were keeping germs around. So I threw them all out and sent my mom to the store to buy 2 new ones (then that's it! we are phasing out the binky very soon). Well, my mom got Nuks, but she got the silicon nippled ones. I took one out and gave it to Samuel. He immediately stuck it in his mouth, but then took it out, looked at it, and put it back in the package! I gave him the other one, and he sort of squeezed the nipple part and handed it back to me as well! He was not a fan of the silicone! But when push came to shove last night, he warmed up to them, because, after all, some sort of binky is better than none!

Finally, I feel like I am getting HUGE with this baby! I haven't been posting belly pics, but now I realize I should have been b/c all of a sudden I have a mama-sized belly sticking out! I am 22 1/2 weeks along and can really feel the baby moving at times. I will be on the desperate search for a new OB as soon as we get to Chicago. I have a few leads, so hopefully all will work out!

Take a look at our slideshow below when you get a chance. I put in the captions, so be sure to read them!
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Alan Knox said...

Well, the house looks nice, but I can tell that you're going to miss the roominess of your apartment in SF.

Get in touch with us when you can because we're thinking about taking a trip to Chicago.


Krista said...

Okay, I LOVE your new kitchen!! Wow - I would just live in there if I could! I'm really excited for you guys, that is just so exciting. Thanks for the updates and posting the belly pics too.

Jen said...

Wow! I love the house. It looks really nice. What will you do with all the space! Can't wait to visit and see it in person.

It was good to see you today. Sorry I didn't get to chat though. We'll catch up Tuesday.


markandmeg said...

Wow, I love your house! What a difference from seminary housing :) We are so excited for you guys!

Dave, Coricia, & Grace Meyer said...

I mis-read your line about the new OB in Chicago.. I thought you said looking for a new "QB" in Chicago. Ed will appreciate this. Also Ed looks natural with the mini-van which is good because from the looks of that belly your gonna need more than two car seats.

Dave M

Josh & Donna said...

i love the new house! praise the Lord!

Renata said...


Anonymous said...

I love your new house! You guys deserve the best.

Hollie said...

That house is super sweet! The kitchen is sooo roomy and those countertops are to die for. You'll love the screened in porch and the garage. I'm SO happy for you girl. You're renting right?

melissa pearce said...

what a great house! You look great too! I finally posted a belly pic on facebook of me- I have gained 15 lbs. and he kicks me like crazy! I am so excited for you to have a nice clean roomy house! I hope you find great deals of stuff to fill it with. love to the paynes!

Justin & Gi said...

SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED for you all! Praise the Lord for his faithfulness to see you all through this time of transition with a belly baby and Samual.
Merry Christmas!
L, Gi