Thursday, October 11, 2007

Samuel This Week

Here are just some funny faces I captured this week. This one is his super happy face (note the srunched up nose):

This one is the Get That Camera Out of My Face look:

Here is Samuel helping Daddy take the trash and recycling down to the bins. Samuel has a He-Man Complex - he thinks he can push around anything. Actually, Ed said he was doing most of the pushing of the wagon.

He tired out halfway through though and had to ride the rest of the way. Please note that he is sitting in the recycling portion (newspapers) and not the trash.

Samuel also made a new friend this week: A younger version of himself. I had this picture of Samuel hanging on the fridge. Well, he loves this thing and always wants to pull it down off the fridge. The other day he was whining at breakfast and pointing to the kitchen. I brought him out there and he went straight for the picture. So we just propped it up next to his high chair and now "the baby" eats all of our meals with us. We have to offer the baby bites to eat and sips from the cup. Samuel thinks this is hilarious.

Samuel has also gotten a lot smarter about what I feed him. I was giving him cottage cheese with peach slices in it yesterday and I gave him a few bites without any peach. He reached out and tipped the bowl his way so he could see if there were still peaches in there!
Finally, here are the last two pictures of Samuel from this week. He had just woke up from his nap and I gave him a cracker. It takes him a little bit to come out of his slumber, but you can see from his smile in the last photo that he is a pretty happy little fellow.


Krista said...

He's so cute! Lydia does the same thing with her food. She's really getting into food now too. Yesterday, she didn't want her breakfast, but then a little while later she saw me eating rice, beans, carrots and onions and she wanted it. I have her bites of all of it and she loved it and kept wnating more. Finally, she's eating :).

JPo said...

Samuel is just adorable. I am so glad you post these updates so we can see how he's doin.


Hollie said...

hahahaha! that's hilarious with his picture of himself. ha!

Grandma Carol said...

I LOVE that scrunched up nose. Can't wait to see you next week, Samuel!

Kris Coffee said...

Hey Leah! I love keepin' up with your fam via this blog. Your little guy is adorable. He seems like such a happy fellow. Baby Ike is STILL not walking. He just has no interest.

Could you send your phone number to my email? I've got a question/favor to ask you guys. I MIGHT be heading that way for a short visit in a month or so. My addy is
Talk to you soon. Miss you guys.