Sunday, October 07, 2007

Corn on the Cob & A Wool Soaker

Here is Samuel enjoying some corn on the cob. I set it on his tray while I went to get the knife to cut some corn off for him, and walked back in to see him helping himself:

I also tried my hand at knitting this week. I found a free pattern for knitting your own wool soaker (a diaper cover that goes over a cloth diaper). I followed the pattern, but I think it is a little too big for Samuel - but I figure it's better to be too big and let him grow into it than to be too small and have to wait forever for the next one to be able to use it. Oh, and the last picture is just a funny face that he made while I was trying to take his picture.


NotesbyNewsome said...

The "corn on the cob" story sounds like my little one...they only get more clever and mischievous as they get older! (However, they get cuter and funnier too, so I guess it balances out!)


Jackie said...

Where did you get the pattern from?

Leah said...

I think your little boy is ADORABLE - I would be so pleased if Samuel turns out half as cute as him!
The pattern can be found at It doesn't come with sizing - that's why I think that what I made turned out a little big. I'm going to make another one and just size it down a bit. Also, this is just a daytime soaker - it can't go very long between changes. For longer lasting ones, you have to felt the wool - I'm waiting on my mother-in-law to teach me how to do that!

Hollie said...

go leah go! i didn't know you knew how to knit! maybe you just taught yourself. i want to learn. i think that it's awesome!! way to go leah! he'll be able to wear it next summer!