Friday, July 20, 2007

Playing at Grandma & Grandpa's

My dad had Samuel out front doing some yardwork with him. The hat was a little too big, apparently, and my dad had to tape it up.

Okay, Ed - PLEASE don't be mad about the following picture. Someone just might have given Samuel an Oreo cookie and he just might have eaten it and gotten a little messy. I promise it was just one cookie though.

We also went to visit Ruth and her girls and her baby Camden. Here is Samuel figuring out why his mom is holding another baby.

And here we are swimming at Dean and Sharon's house. Samuel had fun playing with the basketballs in the pool.


Ruth Palmer said...

hmmm...seems like I have some scrapbook pages of Jenna eating an oreo (or 2 or 3) while staying in the care of your parents, Leah! Must be oreos are the way your dad has found to spoil little Samuel!

keith said...

Nice couch.

tenjuices said...

as long as it was only one cookie i can deal with it. i have my doubts about it only being one though... i know mom